2021 Volvo XC40 Review

The XC40 Volvo is one of the latest extra-small luxury SUVs on the market. This continues the Volvo tradition including a large number of standard safety technology.

Volvo XC40 is quite head-turner. A mixture of hard and chunky styling is usually minimalist Scandinavia with attractive cues, such as the two optional tone paint scheme where the roof contrasts with the whole body.

Volvo offers two different four-cylinder turbocharged: The T4 184-HP engine is equipped with the front wheel drive, and the stronger 248-HP T5 gets the drive all the wheels as standard. Inside, the buyer will find a carefully designed cabin complete with lots of storage cubbies and smainting high-tech features.

What’s more, the luxury price of the small XC40 entry size does not mean it is less for luxury. Volvo has equipped small SUVs with large touch screen infotainment screens, standard leather coatings and 248-powered optional horses that are paired for all wheel drive.

2021 subcompact suv - volvo suv - luxury suv
2021 volvo xc40 – subcompact suv
xc40 dashboard - volvo suv - suv luxury
volvo xc40 inside – suv luxury

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