2021 Bmw X6 Luxury Midsize SUV Review

Finding a truly unique car rarely happens, but the BMW X6 first only that. When the original version was launched, we have never seen a vehicle that combines the body of a chunky SUV with a slim and tilted roof type that you usually see in Coupé Sporty. Then Coupé SUV was born.

However, what is clear, is that there are enough people in the last camp for X6 to be trends, with a number of manufacturers now selling rivals. 2021 BMW X6 is a medium size luxury crossover SUV with a fastback style roof that distinguishes it from identical X5. Enough, expensive, and it is a rival that is quite expensive for Benz GLE-Class, Jaguar F-Pace, and Porsche Cayenne.

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In practical terms versus X5, the roof is lowered but still five seats, and is actually almost not too spacious even behind. We don’t think it’s ugly like the last x6. Satellite radio is now standard, along with Android automatic compatibility – but the off-road package has been removed. All X6 has an adaptive silencer.

Direct power options: Diesel six cylinders with two fuel (40i and 30d) and then are stronger with some M50d M50D mode mod (M50i and M50D). The hot beasts are V8, the sixth straight diesel with, counting it, four turbochargers.

2021 BMW suv - Review suv - Midsize
2021 BMW X6 – luxury midsize suv
bmw inside - xx6 - luxury suv
BMW X6 Dashboard

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